On Art

Pubblico una bella riflessione sull’Arte di Mia de Schur

Art is the material trace that every human being leaves behind as the thinking process develops; it is like the humble trail of the snail on its way to the present —which is both eternal and limited in time and space. One tends to interpret the art as a reflection of the divine. But, as the history of the art develops, there is less and less divine outside the human mind that creates the art. The human being tends to aggrandize the self through the notion of creating the art. Negative competition arises. Scams of all kinds develop around the artist, who is seen as owning a possession that others don’t have. That interpretation is common, but it reflects the self-addiction of the human mind trying to deify itself. And it reflects fear and the attempt to use the art for exerting control.

Every human being has art inside. There is nothing glorious in the creative process, except that it makes people happy to use their hands by producing something that holds a meaning, a value. Creativity makes people peaceful, because they learn self-realization by producing their own objects. Ideally, the artistic creation should be understood as a subjective process and should not be used to stigmatize the viewers, or to produce a controlled emotion on the viewer. Using the creative process to instigate dogmas of any kind, is a disservice to the creative energy that lies in all peoples. That energy has no name and it is neither godly nor demonic. It is only art

5 pensieri su “On Art

  1. Caro Alessio. Vi ringrazio per l’intero sforzo che si sta visualizzando a portare le culture insieme di Europa in armonia e nell’arte. Tu sei una benedizione per la realizzazione del sogno dell’Unione Europea.

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