Byzantine Real History (BRh - Basileia Rhomaion)

1447695836Flavius Zeno Augustus (425 – 9th April 491) was the East Roman Emperor from 474 to 475 then from 476 to his death. His imperium witnessed the deposition of the lastWestern Roman emperor in Rome in 476 and then in Dalmatia in 480: the division was formally abolished and Zeno was theoretically the soleRoman Emperor and the first to be since Theodosius. His age was one of stability in the East but his legacy is controversial as of his religious policies.


Zeno was born as Tarasis son of Kodisa in Isauria, a rustic Roman historical region in the southern parts of Asia, around the Taurus mountains. His family were Isaurians, a fierce people considered as half-Barbarians by the Romans. But as they were Orthodox Catholic Christians they were accepted into the Imperial Army, especially into the newly-founded imperial guards of the Excubitores. Tarasis did…

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