Foreign Lands and People According to the Byzantines- Part2- “Byzantium VS the West”

The Byzantium Blogger

Posted by Powee Celdran

I would rather see a Turkish turban in the midst of the city than the Latin mitre.” -Loukas Notaras, Byzantine Grand Admiral, 1453


Welcome to part 2 on Foreign Lands and People according to the Byzantines from The Byzantium Blogger! As I have promised the last time, I will make a 2nd article on Foreign lands and people according to the Byzantines, in which part 2 will be about the western world, being Western Europe and its people and how the Byzantines viewed them. My last article– which was quite a long read- was basically about faraway lands as far as Ethiopia, India, and China in which the Byzantines made their mark in and basically also about how well the Byzantines knew the known world and how far they went across it, which shows they’ve travelled to very distant places even if…

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