ΕΥΓΕΝΙΟΣ ΝΤΑΛΙΑΝΗΣ - ΤΑ ΧΡΟΝΙΚΑ ΤΟΥ ΒΥΖΑΝΤΙΟΥ / eugene ntalianis - the chronicles of byzantium

Tons of ink of all colors have been spent in the dusty papers of historiography for the events that took place at the city of Mantzikert at the August of 1071, during the days when the Roman Emperor Romanos Diogenes ruled the Roman Politeia. The accidents concerning the Roman defeat by the Seljuks Turks are widely known and need no further examination here, for the sake of the limited time our human flesh has on this earthly fragile experience and because repetition can grow our minds feeble.

On the other hand, less attention has been given to the reasons why the imperial troops of the Cappadocian Basileus Romanos Diogenes suffered such an unprecedented calamity in what was destined to be remembered as “the battle of Mantzikert”. In this article I am going to examine briefly the three most significant factors, that according to my perspective bulldozed the road – and…

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